Virtual Event Gift Boxes To Create Memorable Moments and Reinforce Your Brand

Virtual Event Gift Boxes To Create Memorable Moments and Reinforce Your Brand

Virtual Events are the perfect way to create memorable moments with your customers, clients and employees. Reinforce your brand with Virtual Event Gift Boxes. When COVID-19 appeared in Australia back in March most events, if not all events, were cancelled leaving companies wondering how they will be able to create those memorable moments with clients. This is where we saw the rise of virtual events on platforms like Zoom, House Party and Google Hangouts, where their ease of accessibility helping them be an instant success. Running a successful virtual event is all about timing, promotion and engagement. To really elevate your virtual event and ensure that your guests leave with your brand top of mind in weeks and months to come, an event gift box is essential. Promotions Warehouse can help you design beautiful branded items to include in your virtual gift box. Your virtual gift box can include items such as branded drink bottles, notes pads, pens or tech accessories. It is imperative that you grab your guest’s attention and generate excitement around your event. Just like events that are conducted in person, virtual events require you to engage guests right from commencement. Your event does not just start when your guest logs into Zoom, it begins when they receive their branded giftbox at their door with a personalised invitation. It is important that you keep your brand at the forefront of each touchpoint.


Branded Tote Bags Tote bags are a great option for use as a gift bag, they are so versatile and can be reused by the recipient in their everyday life. For more inspiration, have a look at our high-quality bags at Promotions Warehouse.


Branded Shirt From t-shirts, polo shirts or hoodies, Promotions Warehouse has a wide array of clothing items and accessories that can be branded with your company’s logo and be a great addition to an event gift box. Branded apparel especially lends itself to events that involve a team or sporting aspect. It is all in the design, and our helpful account managers will ensure your company logo shine on all of your selected apparel.  For more inspiration, have a look at apparel section to see what items will work with your target audience


Branded stubby holders Branded drinkware is a great way to ensure your brand remains top of mind throughout your event. Go that extra mile for you employees and colleagues by including branded glassware, bottle opener or stubby holder in your Event Hamper.


Branded wine glass Does your event require prizes? Promotions warehouse can place your logo on tech items, equipment or even drinkware. It is all about getting creative and ensuring your company’s logo are on items that will be continually used in the recipient’s day-to-day life.

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