Product frequently asked Questions
What printing methods do we use?
We can print your logo on products we can do digital print pad print screen print or laser engraving depending on your preference and what suits your logo best
What Is A Vector File?
A vector file format is a graphic design file format we require it in that format to resize the product sharply so that it goes on to the product that you're wanting
What file format should I supply my artwork in?
We require your artwork to be supplied in vector file format which is .eps or .ai or high resolution pdf.
What are some favourite PW products?
Speaker 1: Our most popular products include tote bags, drink bottles and umbrellas and umbrellas is something you might need in Australia for a rainy season, three years ago was gifted actually a really high quality branded ballpoint pen. Speaker 2 : We also seen a spike in stress balls last year, they were sold out everywhere. So yeah, hopefully people are feeling better this year, Speaker 1: We also seen a spike in stress balls last year, they were sold out everywhere. So yeah, hopefully people are feeling better this year, Speaker 2:  have attributed that pan off site, a number of documents and whether it be buying a house or some business opportunities with that particular pen. And it's actually amazing that's kind of like the pen and the brand that's associated with that pen has this like connection to me now in this weird way. I just think it's awesome. So I'm gonna say pen
How Does The Order Process Work?
So promotions warehouse work with our customers to ensure that from the very point of wanting to source out a particular product, we'll work with you in sourcing our products quoting giving you the best price, you will then provide us with your artwork will customise that product in mock ups show you exactly how your product is going to be presented. We'll then take that into production work with you all the way through the process of production to ensure you're happy with the quality of how the product is coming out and how we're going to get it delivered to you or to your end user. So when you're using promotions warehouse, we can work with you from the very start to the very finish. And you only have to deal with one party we ensure the very best price
Can I see what my order looks like before printing?
You can see what your order looks like before printing books we have digital mock ups created from it for every product that our manufacturers supply
Can I receive samples?
So we do do sample orders. Usually how we work is we will quote the customer first to see if they're happy with product pricing and give them a couple of options there that's available. Once they're happy with the quote, then we can arrange samples so own branded or branded and it just depends what you would like to go for it.
Can I print multiple colours?
We can print in multiple colors we have our range on a scale you can print any PMS colors is what our manufacturers use so you can let us know the PMS color or graphics designer can pick it up for you
Can I have help with my design?
Yeah we can definitely help you with your design I we have an in house graphic designer who can help you with your logo like we can make any changes remove tax we can redraw it in the correct format for you don't need to worry about that
Delivery frequently asked Questions
Why Choose Us? Promotions Warehouse USP
So why choose promotions warehouse? So we're a family owned company. We've been going for 15 years based out of Melbourne, I run a company with my brother Nick, we process over 200,000 orders every year, which is about 2 million products every year, we're able to offer the country's best pricing because we deal directly with the supplier and we do not charge setup fees. So if you want to support a local Australian business that will ensure that your goods get there on time, give you the best price and offer quality then you should choose us
Where does PW ship to?
promotions warehouse ships Australia wide there's no location that we cannot service within Australia
How Long Will It Take To Get My Order?
Orders will generally take 10 days production time and then a few additional days depending on your location we also offer Express options for production and delivery so you can contact the team and we can help you out with that
How Do I Get A Quick Quote?
You get a quick quote online by selecting products from our website and putting them into the quick quote form you then submit the form and a member of our sales team will be in contact
How Do I Contact Promotions Warehouse?
So customers can get in touch with us through our website we've got all the details there we have our phone number our sales email address if they want to shoot us through an email we also have our live chat
Do you have express shipping options?
Yes we do all of our manufacturers use express shipping as a standard for our orders but we also have a manufacturer that has a 24 hour or three day rush service so if you need something with a really tight deadline we'll be able to sort you out
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