The Complete Guide to Eco-friendly Promotional Products

The Complete Guide to Eco-friendly Promotional Products

Sustainable and Eco- friendly promotional products have always been a fantastic way to promote your brand. Show your clients and customers that you value the environment and improve brand perception by selecting eco-friendly and sustainable products over disposable. Promotions Warehouse have an extensive range of reusable promotional items to brand with your company logo. 


An eco-friendly promotional product, also known as environmentally friendly branded merchandise are items that have a logo or slogan printed on them to distribute for marketing purposes. These products are better for the environment as they are either created by recycled materials, are reusable or made from sustainable materials. Australia's most popular eco-friendly promotional products are metal straws, reusable water bottle, keep cups, eco pens and recycled notebooks.  Promotions Warehouse have the best range of eco-friendly and sustainable Promotional Products. Below are some of our favourites...  


Did you know that It is estimated Australians use 1 billion disposable coffee cups each year, a horrifying statistic with a straightforward solution? No, the answer is no to drink less coffee, who would want that? Reusable coffee cups are a trending product, enjoyed by those who wish to enjoy their morning coffee on the go. Reusable coffee cups are made from many different materials, stainless steel, glass, silicone or even repurposed bamboo. Branding a reusable coffee cup with your company logo will keep your conscious clean and ensure your care for the environment displayed. The great thing about reusable coffee cups from a brand awareness perspective is the many different ways you can customise your keep cup with colours, design and branding ability.   


Reusable tote bag made from jute Reusable tote bags are a great eco-friendly promotional product for brand exposure. Eco Jute bags or biodegradable bamboo tote bags are two stylish and natural-looking bags that are incredibly versatile. You can brand your company logo or messaging front and square on your custom bag. Eco-friendly bags can be used daily, for grocery shopping, trips to the market or even lunch bag. Your custom tote bag will go wherever your customers go, an excellent opportunity for more eyes on your brand. Reusable tote bags are incredibly durable and have so many uses; your customers will never want to use a plastic bag again.   


Environmentally friendly stationery made from recycled carboard Help out mother earth by branding pens, pencils or rulers made from recycled materials. Promotions Warehouse offer a range of affordable eco-friendly stationery products. Eco pens are made from recycled paper, which means you can feel good about your purchase. These pens are available in blue, black and red, with enough space to brand your company logo or tagline. These eco-friendly pens are essential writing tool for any home office, making sure your brand remains top of mind.    


Coloured metal sustainable drink bottle Metal or stainless-steel water bottles are a stylish eco-friendly promotional product that won't break the bank. You can feel good about metal drink bottles as they are 100% recyclable! Metal drink bottles are a sustainable and environmentally friendly product that will last longer than a glass or plastic water bottle. Metal drink bottles are better for you as they do not leach chemicals when exposed to any heat, the perfect branded merch for schools, sports teams, gyms and workplaces. With their sleek industrial look, you can decorate the bottle with your logo in many ways. Just as our friendly team for our expert opinion on how you can make your brand shine.  


Eco-friendly notebook made from recycled carboard The great thing about these recycled notebooks is the different styles and sizes you can choose to best suit the needs of your customer or clients. Notebooks are a must-have at the office or school, with may never having enough. Promotions Warehouse selection of eco-friendly notebooks are made from 100% recycled cardboard. Feel good for doing your bit in saving the world from climate change.  If you have any questions on the products above, please reach out to our friendly Account Managers, obsessed with all thing promotional products and merchandise.   

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