The Power of Promotional Gifts

The Power of Promotional Gifts

Branded merchandise and promotional products have become a popular form of marketing and brand advertising for companies. From branded reusable tote bags, mugs and other drinkware that you can use at home or in the office. Promotional products are not just used by companies, sport and recreational teams and charities also use promo products to create brand awareness and create a sense of unity. There is no real rule on how extravagant you can go with your branded promotional products. The power of gifting a useful and reusable product, that displays your company logo should not be underestimated and here is why…


Who doesn’t like getting something useful for free? Branding reusable items that can be used day-to-day are an effective way to draw attention to your brand. When paired with a call to action, promotional products are extremely powerful in converting leads into long-life customers and clients.


Ensure you get more bang for your buck by using promotional products. Promotional products are a great alternative to costly and often complicated advertising strategies. The cost of digital advertisements can impede a company’s success with no guarantee in return on investment. Create conversation and spark interest with branded items such as a USB, iPad case or a fancy drink bottle.  Gifting promotional products sparks conversation an extremely effective form of organic marketing and the most difficult to achieve.


Align with new trends and interests of the target audience to ensure a showstopper promotional branded product. Company branded pop sockets were one product that was a huge success across many companies whose targets millennials. Any tech accessories for electronics that we use day-today are extremely powerful and a product a company should print their branding on. Branded keep-cups or reusable coffee cups have also been a popular and trendy product that companies gift to staff and clients.


All companies are looking to develop a meaningful relationship with their clients. Gifting branded merchandise as a token of an appreciation has a lasting effect that will ensure sales and business opportunities in the future. A free promotional product is beyond just a ‘gift’, it has the power to be a souvenir for the positive experience your clients had with the company.


According to a study by BPMA ‘66% of participants claimed they could recall the brand on the promotional product they received within the past 12 months’. Promotional gifts are a power advertising technique as they are difficult to ignore, positively accepted and remembered for years to come.

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