A Guide To Returning to Work

A Guide To Returning to Work

As the effects of COVID-19 slow, many companies and employees have begun their return to work. During this time, it is important for workers to feel at ease returning to the office and it is the employer’s job to make this transition as smooth as possible. Because many workers have been working from home for so long, returning to work can seem daunting. There are lots of easy ways that bosses can help make their worker's first day back a comfortable and fun one. Here are 4 great ways to help make the return to work as easy as possible.

A Return To Work ‘Welcome Back Gift’

Nothing can brighten someone’s morning and make them feel welcome than a special welcome back gift. This could be a great way to not only distribute some branded merchandise but could also fill a box with all kinds of goodies that your employees will love to come into work to. Some great ideas could be a stress ball or some yummy snacks.

Products For Wellbeing and Security

The return to work can be a little scary with the COVID-19 virus still looming overhead. To ease these worries and show workers that you care about their health make sure you have plenty of essential sanitation supplies on hand. Having things such as masks and hand-sanitizer will show that an office is still a safe place for everyone.

Return To Work Team Celebrations

A great way to help make returning to work fun for everyone could be by making it a celebration. A celebration is a great way to brighten up the day because it can give everyone something to look forward to. These celebrations could be equipped with all the decorations - balloons, streamers and posters and could involve something like an after works drinks or a special lunch for the team.

Work Games – Virtual or IRL

Everyone likes to have a bit of fun at work, so to make the return to work stress-free for all your workers try implementing some workplace games. These games could be either virtual or in the office and are a great way to lighten up everyone’s first day back. Uno, Trivia, or games of cards are all super cool ideas!  


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