Branded Wellness Boxes

Branded Wellness Boxes

Branded Work From Home Wellness boxes are a great way to show appreciation to your employees whilst they are working home and offering support in a time with such uncertainty. We offer a great range of branded options that you can gift to both clients and staff that will ensure your staff that you care and as a result keep your brand top of mind. With the current state of uncertainty in the economy, it is essential that Mental Health is not neglected. Many people are unable to see their loved ones or a confined, experts fear that there could be an increased risk of mental health issues due to increasing levels of stress and people are not able to connect socially.


What to put in a Wellness Gift Pack? Your company’s wellness packs can include any items that promote relaxation, fitness or mental health. Some of the benefits of sending your staff Wellness Packs is
  • Increased productivity
  • Boosted morale
  • Less sick days taken
  • Employee retention
  • Resilient employees
  • Positive corporate culture
What can you include in your Wellness Hampers?


  Branded notebooks are en excellent choice for a wellness Box. Employees can utilise a notebook to set goals, write down affirmations or even daily journaling. This will encourage employees to reflect on their emotions. Journaling is a great tool to use to prioritise any problems or fears and track anxious feelings day-to-day, in order to identify triggers and manager them appropriately. Writing down goals allows people to be reminded of what they are trying to achieve and track the progress of doing so. By writing goals down, it allows a person to ensure they are taking daily efforts in furthering themselves towards something they really want.  


Exercise is a great way to relieve stress and get endorphins flowing. You could consider including a skipping rope, thermo brands, sweat towel or a drink bottle in your wellness box. This prompts staff to remain active whilst working at home to promote energy levels and boost overall mood. Headspace says that “Staying active can improve your sleep, give you more energy and help manage stress - all helping you keep a healthy headspace”. If your employees are feeling low, the last thing they may be interested in is exercise, although this is generally when you need exercise the most. Presenting exercise equipment as part of a wellness box is a great way to prompt your employees to get out and about, there is no need for intense exercise, just getting up and moving the body in any way. Exercise has been proven to improve sleep, boost overall mood and increase confidence.  


Candles, especially aromatherapy candles promote relaxation and calmness. Promoting relaxation is ideal when you employees are feeling overly stressed from either work or general life. Branded candles are amazing at effecting the general mood and atmosphere of one’s home. Lighting a candle instantly creates a peaceful ambience, helping ease and soother mind from anxious thoughts. Burning candles are is also a great way to promote self-care and a gift that your employees will really benefit from.  


Branded drink bottles are A simple yet effective way to promote the overall health of your employees. Dehydration is very quick to affect the way people think and feel. Dehydration affects brain performance and drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water a day will ensure the brain can think clearly. A drink bottle is a great way to promote water consumption by employees to ensure they are feeling and functioning at their optimum.  

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