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Are you looking for all office accessories in one place? And that too with your company’s name on it? Then you’re at the right place! Because we offer a huge variety from premium leather compendiums that prove to be much admired personal gifts to the cheaper style that are used at conventions and events. There are various compendiums made for different price points presenting budget flexibility. A well-resourced compendium is the optimum option to cover a large branding area with a host of useful functionalities. However, a cheap option does the same job as the expensive one, the difference occurring in style rather than function. The right choice of compendium will accompany you and your staff daily for years. Being one of the top brand promotional items, compendiums provide almost the same fundamental design for most models with a change in inner compartments and storage space. But generally, it comprises of a cover for a ring binder, a notepad, a series of sleeves for organizing papers along with a means to carry the business essentials securely. Keeping company branding in mind, compendiums can be either printed, engraved or embossed. The chosen branding technique is decided by available budget, the type of chosen compendium and personal preferences. Some may believe that a multi-color pad print adds to the value and appeal of the compendium, others may prefer the subtlety of blind embossing for displaying their logo. The branding process is guided by the limitation of materials from which they are manufactured. Polyurethane can be embossed but not as successfully, making a huge impact on overall budget. Generally, embossing is reserved for compendiums made of natural leather to highlight the gift’s value. Same goes for laser engraving. This technique is generally applied to metallic products or sometimes those made of timber, instead of commonly applying it to leather compendiums. Most of the compendium styles come with a metal badge on the cover, which is the generally preferred location for laser engraving. If you consider printing for branding option, then it comprises of two options: pad printing and screen printing. You can choose either option based upon the product requirements and artwork size. A competent printer will show little to no difference while applying both techniques. The price of branded compendiums is simply a matter of form and style, not functionality. Compendiums are most preferred to be used as attendee gifts at conferences and events. The quality branding keeps reminding the users of the event they attended and encourages them to join more in future, thus bringing a positive reflection of their past experience. As a gift to staff, compendiums prove themselves to encourage the members to work more diligently and honestly and live up to the company’s standards. Handed out to clients, a compendium is a cherished gift for anyone, earning a more prominent place in an office than a mere briefcase. So place your orders and get your compendiums personalized for you by our team of experts.

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