5 Ways to Reward Remote Workers

5 Ways to Reward Remote Workers

COVID-19 has affected all facets of businesses and how they now run, from strategic planning, marketing messaging and even the goods and services offered.  Many employees have become remote workers, these abrupt changes can be jarring to employees who have no skills in working from home. Now more than ever, it’s essential to understand this new wave of virtual teams and remote working.  Keeping your employees engaged and happy while working from home is essential in the company’s future success both during and post COVID times. Reward and recognition programs are an important focus during this time of remote working. These programs make sure employee loyalty, dedication and productivity remain.  


When teams are working remotely, team engagement, team building and maintaining work relationships require constant effort. The physical distance between workers results in feelings of isolation and can directly impact on efficiency and quality of results. Team building activities or virtual events are great in keeping employees engaged and connected when physically apart. You can get creative with virtual team building events, take it to the next level by sending out branded promotional products to employees ahead of time.  


Branded merchandise or branded team swag is incredible when welcoming a new team member and ensuring they feel welcome. Promotional products with your company logo will make newly recruited candidates feel like they are apart of the team even though they are unable to meet their team in person. Wearable items like caps and clothing items are great examples of promotional products that can build commemoratory between team members even from afar. Branded merchandise and promotional products should be included in every company’s onboarding program.  


When starting a new job or role it helps when your employer gives you the right tools to carry out your job in the more efficient and effective way possible. With many employees now working remotely, they no longer have access to communal work facilities and equipment to help them complete their work. Rewards staff with upgraded technology such as headphones, iPad or wireless charges which will aid in their daily work life from home. Providing extra computer monitors or an ergonomic chair is also a win-win, reducing work-related injuries.  


Companies such as ubereats and menulog allow companies to send a ‘free lunch’ to staff while they are working from home. This can be a difficult operation and expensive for larger companies so best to keep this to smaller sized teams. For large companies, branded corporate hampers are an incredible idea to reward and recognise hardworking staff. If your company believes in healthy habits whilst at work, we recommend WFH healthy snack boxes,to ensure remote workers remain productive when working from home. This is also a great way to reward staff who are working hard during this stressful time.  


Corporate gifts that are branded with a company logo have an incredible impact on remote workers. Whether it is a WFH wellness pack, branded Virtual Event Hamper or a congratulatory gift to celebrate an important milestone. No matter the occasion, gifts for employees will boost morale. An employee happiness survey found that 45% of people say that gifts reflect their value at a company. They’re more than just a frivolous token; they allow an employer to express gratitude and make employees feel valued.   When looking to reward hard-working staff, think about utilising promotional products to boost morale and increased engagement with the company. Contact us today for a free quote.

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