Cancelled Event? Tips to Increase Brand Awareness

Cancelled Event? Tips to Increase Brand Awareness

Your event may be cancelled but it is not all doom and gloom, there are a number of ways for your company to pivot to ensure you remain top of mind amongst competitors. This is an excellent opportunity to change up your marketing mix and identify which avenue is the most effective and profitable for your company.


In 2020 we have seen the rise of online events and the success they have in creating brand awareness and generating leads for a company. Facebook events are a great communication tool for your event, it is free and allows you to send invites, keep track of RSVPs and post important event information. Keeping this event private is also essential. Spread the word of your event to the right people, by posting in Linkedin groups that would be of interest to your target audience. Leverage Social Media Channels to build hype around your virtual event. A great way to do this is to create a hashtag for your event, in the hopes you event will trend on twitter. Share images and videos whilst the event is taking place like you would a normal event, this gains traction from the wider public.


Your event may be cancelled although this does not mean your event's social content needs to be. Effective content can be used to replace the shortfall of the event. Utilise the content plan that was prepared in conjunction with your event, alter the content slightly so it can be used elsewhere. If you intend on changing your event to a virtual one, we suggest utilising a similar strategy to build hype around the event. It is time to double down on all online content, don’t just stop at Facebook, use Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter to levered and maximise your brand reach. Don't be afraid to get creative.


Creative mailers is a form of direct mail marketing, where a form of tangible messaging or a product is delivered to prospects in the hopes they will interact with your company in some way. You can bring your creative message on something simple like a drink bottle or a more high-end item such as tech products. Why not send a creative mailer to replace your cancelled event? The hope is that your recipient will post an image on their socials and tag your company, review your product or include the product in their publication. The best creative mailers are interactive, align with the message you are trying to project and finally include some kind of CTA. Utilise branded merchandise and promotional products in your creative mailers, is a great way to ensure your brand remains top of mind long after the recipient receives it.


Trade shows and expos are a great way to get your brand known, providing an opportunity for networking and lead generation. The downside to these types of events is that they require a lot of planning, time, effort and money. With most people working from home it is never a better time to capitalise on webinars. The return on investment outweighs the loss of face-to-face interaction and your top priority in your marketing plan is to create as much value in return for the cost. Following on from this, a webinar will ensure that all participants are interested and willing to give up an hour of their time to listen to what you have to say, this automatically makes them strong leads.


Many companies are working from home, which means online communication is at an all-time high. Sending a tangible item to clients, employees or media is a great way to ensure your message cuts through all the other information they receive daily. Selecting an item that is reusable, useful, and appealing to your target audience will initiate a positive connection between them and your company. Why not send a branded coffee cup that invites your prospective client to a virtual coffee catch up? Creativity is key.

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