Which Promotional Products Are Most Effective?

Which Promotional Products Are Most Effective?

These days, it’s possible to print your business logo on anything. And when we say anything, we mean anything. However, when it comes to giving products out to partners and consumers, some products stand out more than others regarding effectiveness and creating better business to consumer relations.  


Let’s start with the obvious – Drinkware. We can’t even begin to count how many mugs, water bottles and keep cups given by companies over the years. However, we have no complaints. Drinkware is so popular because of its ability to be used over an extended period and its functionality and practicality. A branded coffee mug may become your new go-to office mug, meaning that while you’re being reminded of the company daily, so are your co-workers and clients. Mission accomplished!  


T-shirts are a no brainer. What we love about branded promotional t-shirts is that they are often worn in public, meaning that they can create significant brand awareness and impressions. A study showed that 63% of consumers keep t-shirts for an average of 14 months. We can’t even imagine how many people would’ve been exposed to the brand logo over that period. And that’s exactly what a company hopes for.  


If you’ve ever been to an expo or trade show, no doubt you’ve received a branded tote bag on more than one occasion to carry around from booth to booth. Similar to t-shirts, businesses love providing tote bags because they know how common it is for consumers to use and show them off in public, meaning that they’re continually getting their name out into the general community. On top of this, environmentally aware consumers will appreciate your businesses efforts to reduce the use of plastic, leading to even better brand perception


It’s common knowledge that almost everybody owns some form of smartphone these days, and when it comes to effective promotional products, this is one of the best things to target. Consumers always carry their phone with them, so companies make a wise investment by choosing to create tech accessories, such as Popsockets and Phone Wallets that can be displayed and shown off 24/7. Whether the consumer is texting, tweeting or taking a phone call, their phone is exposed, so is your company!  

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