Shape Up Your Marketing Needs with These Post-It Notes

Shape Up Your Marketing Needs with These Post-It Notes

Let’s see how desk accessories bring the right spark to your branding strategies.

They’re small, yellow, and super adhesive to remind you of the quick reminder that you jotted down in a hurry. That’s right! We’re talking about the neon coloured post-it notes that are the essential part of every living setting. But how can you turn these little squares into your branding board? Just let your logo get imprinted on the corner of each note and watch the magic begin. It will not only make your branding effective but also can be the right choice when it comes to giving away desk accessories to your team mates.

All you need is a little dash of creativity to make your products stand out. Cut these sticky notes in various shapes to reflect the message you stand for and let them speak for you quite confidently. Check out these budget friendly sticky notes to make your branding strategies extra special.

Cut them out for your profession

Post-it notes are the perfect way to showcase your message. Even if you don’t want to occupy much space on the notes, having it in your favourite shape is the best way to voice your purpose effectively. If you’re a dentist then go for tooth shaped notes that will express your services explicitly. Similarly, if you run a culinary business, then try to get your sticky notes in the shape of a pan. Such small creative gestures tell a lot about your attention to detail and can be the winning point for your marketing needs. Make your branding strategies stand out by giving away the sticky notes that will reflect your professionalism and care for your clients. Write a reminder on it for the future appointments and mail them to your customers to make a strong statement for your services.

You may also choose a light bulb shape for your electric business and house shaped one for the construction company. Hand these out to the prospects you come across during meetings or give them out as a referral thank you.

Shaped like furry friends

A cat or dog shaped note is the perfect way to show your business for a pet clinic. You can use them to write invoices for your customers and give them to make your mark for as long as you want. This will be the perfect impression of your professionalism and also put a smile on the receiver’s face. You can also give them to your supporters as a thank you note for their efforts and donations. Such considerable gesture is the best reflection of your company values and makes your clients feel welcomed in a warm way.

Shaped like food

Whether you want to advertise for a restaurant or a bar, the customised post-its having the shape of your favourite snack is the best way to make your message stick forever.

For more inspiration, have a look at our promotional sticky notes here

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