What are the best eco-friendly promotional products for your brand?

What are the best eco-friendly promotional products for your brand?

In today’s world, a businesses public relations department is just as important as their marketing department. There are many ways to market your business, however if your target market is not convinced of your mission and values they are less likely to be convinced to purchase your product. To partner your public relations campaign with your marketing campaign one great angle to include is that of environmentally friendly promotional products. Environmentally Friendly Promotional Products and Eco Friendly Promotional Products are an increasingly significant market that is attracting hundreds over Google searches every day. Green Promotional Products are the next step in the Promotional Products Industry. With society becoming more and more aware of the Environment Green Products Australia wide will be a major issue.

  • Recycled notepads and pens
Recycled notepads and recycled pens have long been a staple in the green products or environmentally friendly products area. These kinds of items made from recycled materials mean that fewer trees are destroyed and less carbon omissions are created. It is everyone’s responsibility to take the threat of global warming seriously and here at Promotions Warehouse we sure are.

Another great way to reduce waste is the promotion of reusable products. These reduce the need for takeaway plastic items that are single use plastics. One of our favourites in this category is the stainless steel car mug. Featuring a stainless steel outer and thermal insulated body, these mugs that are able to be branded as you like remove the need for single use items and promote your business again and again!

Although it is common or ‘green’ products to be more expensive than their counterparts, there are ways to still select a less costly option. Cheaper items such as tote bags with branding are almost as cheap if not cheaper than other types of promotional tote bags and promote an environmentally friendly way of business.

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