Training giveaways and games to keep your audience’s attention

Training giveaways and games to keep your audience’s attention

Read below to find 4 interesting games to keep your mates engaged for the longest time

Training activities sometimes get too mainstream and end up being boring. Most of the employees tend to lose interest in such activities with age. Because they already learn a lot on their own and having to sit for hours to learn basic techniques is a test in itself for them. So, you need to come up with creative ideas to make your audience not only sit through or participate these events but also, participate with huge interest. And that is why, games are the ideal way to keep the spirits up. Let’s have a look at the following interesting games for training activities.

Add a fun and memorable touch to your presentations

Instead of making everyone go through grey slides with a lot of words stuffed in them, try a different route to make your audience actually listen to you. The focus of such an activity is supposed to be on audience and not on the presenter. Set up small games to train their minds and keep their spirits refreshed. Because once the games begin, everyone gets so involved into overcoming challenges that they forget the fact that they are learning or training. That brings you the perfect opportunity to have promotional items as their gifts or incentives. These gifts will let them learn at a faster pace and encourage them to participate in such events in future in full spirit. Use mini items as pens or caps as their reward.

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Scavenger hunt:

Set up a list of words related to the topic of your presentation. Hand out these mini cards with words on them to your audience. Ask them to tally the words with the presentation whenever they appear. Whoever has the maximum matched words wins and can get the reward at the end. For example, you can add words like “wet floors” or “safety goggles” to the safety training goggles. This simple practice will help your audience learn new techniques in a fun way. Not only such scavenger hunts help them learn but also, make them remember the most basic of training points. Award them with swagger tech items of daily use like power banks or charging cables.

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Don’t forget the classics:

Simple classical games are the right way to keep your audience’s interest piqued. The all-time favourite “two truths and a lie” is the best game to keep everyone involved and a fun way to introduce everyone to each other. In this game, everyone tells two truths and lie about themselves and the others have to indicate the lie among them. Or you could go about a different road and tell two true statements and one lie about the content of the training. And let your audience guess which is true and which is false.

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