TOP 10 best Mario games

TOP 10 best Mario games

For many, Mario is the epitome of a good game. The main features of the huge number of video games with a jumping plumber were the exciting gameplay and graphics, which often expanded the boundaries of technology at the time. They were a major mouthpiece in the ongoing success of Nintendo consoles and dominated the video game industry with their brilliance. However, the fact is that there are so many great Mario games that choosing the top ten has always been a moot point. However, here they are ...

10. Donkey Kong

Since Mario's first appearance in computer games was the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, you can't do without making up the top ten Mario games without including the place where he first came to life - Donkey Kong. However, the truth is that then he was a fuzzy bunch of carpenters named Jumpman, who fights a giant monkey that falls into barrels to save his girlfriend, Pauline (Pauline). The game has been and still is unbearably addictive and has helped bring the beautiful world of Nintendo to the masses. Fortunately for us, the American office master was inspired to change his name not long after that and Mario was born.

9. Super Mario Land

Another "firstborn" is number 9 and embodies the first release of Mario for handheld game consoles, as we know them. While "Mario" was hosted on the old "Game & Watch" platforms provided by Nintendo in the 80's, the first version based on a cartridge for handheld game consoles, "Land of Super Mario" was released only in 1989-1990 on the original platform "Game Boy" from the "Nintendo" campaign. And again, the game had simple graphics, although impressive at the same time, can be even easier than in the game "Donkey Kong" with a predominance of gray. But all the same gameplay of jumping on platforms, from which it is impossible to break away, made the game a classic.

8. Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games

Probably the most controversial of all the "firsts" that Mario has ever had was his first game with Sonic the Hedgehog. In the 90's, the official mascots of the gaming platforms "Nintendo" and "Sega" ("Sega") were uncompromising digital rivals, but here it seems that they are placed a little above that, and clarify the relationship through healthy competition at the Olympic Games. In truth, it's just great to see how they work together after the tough competition in the 90's. The game is brilliant in itself and confronts the heroes of Mario and Dream Interpretation in a huge number of Olympic Games, using ingenious touch control on the console "Nintendo Wii" to throw a hammer, run and shoot fiery arrows. At the end of 2011, the game "Mario and Sonic at the 2012 London Olympics" was even released, with a subsequent interpretation of the Winter Olympics.

7. Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

"Land of Super Mario 2" was the next incarnation of Mario on the platform "Game boy" and was almost a classic. As the first game to feature Wario, it was also the first game on the Game boy platform, where the combined graphics were at the highest level of SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) animation, as opposed to similarities with "Tetris" in terms of simplicity.

6. Super Mario Bros. 2

"Super Mario 2 Brothers" was intelligent. Something like Mario in a bizarre surreal dream. This was a noticeable departure from previous Mario games, and there was no longer a similar game since the release of the original version in 1988. Being in the country of Subcon (Subcon) and facing the boss of the game Wart (Wart), unlike anyone else, Mario must throw fruit to administer water justice.

5. Super Mario Bros. 3

Not everyone will agree that the game "Super Mario Brothers 3" is better than previous versions. But, given the attention with which the graphic details in the NES games and extra power were treated, the game was one of the most important childhood toys for many. Here are the most impressive bosses under the Bowser. And the final level was unbearably difficult, which made the victory even sweeter when you still managed to get to the bowser and hit his reptile tail.

4. Super Mario 64

This game is very similar to Super Mario Sunshine(more details: but has some differences. This Mario game entered 3D on a large scale with the launch of the "Nintendo 64" platform. With 64-bit clarity, an ingenious joystick and the task of exploring a lush 3D world, "Super Mario 64" has changed the gaming platform, creating a new direction of the genre. Instead of just meeting the bowser face to face through the old method of sliding on the screen, in the game you now have the opportunity to suddenly and literally run around it in a circle, grab its tail and twist it. It was just game perfection.

3. Super Mario World

Honestly, the main reason that the game "Super Mario World" has supplanted the power of "Super Mario 64" is the fact that there are the best little villains ever created. Bob-bomber, caterpillars, giant Ballet Bill - they all become conquered. Especially when you can climb on the back of Yoshi, who devours and spits them back. The final battle with Bowser was epic, and his beating in "Super Mario World" is the most impressive thing I've ever done in my life. It's sad to admit, but maybe it's true.

2. Super Mario Kart

Although "Super Mario Cards" is a big departure from the usual Mario games ever released, it is probably the most interesting of them. Terribly simple and unbearably exciting, it absorbs your life in a way that doesn't seem to end. The game started on the "Super Nintendo" platform, and since then there has been a version of "Super Mario on Maps" for each Nintendo console. Although they are all great, but you will never have a heartbreak of adrenaline here, driving for the first time on the Rainbow Road (Rainbow Road), as can be done in the version of the game for the SNES platform. Haunted houses were grand, and the idea of ​​setting things on fire at your opponent in racing gave this genre a set of opportunities that created for us games such as "Diddy Kong Racing" and "Sonic Racing This: All Stars" ("Sonic Sega All Star Racing").

1. Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Brothers is a game where everything has changed. Donka Konga and Paulina are replaced by Bowser and Princess Toadstool. Suddenly, the landscape of the game appears, which we all know and love. This hot addictive game was worth downloading. Continuously moving past crazy mushrooms and castles with lava pits, it was a game of small skirmishes and exciting battles with the leader. These top ten video games were written by Tuppence Magazine, which has dedicated itself to covering the best news from the world of online entertainment. Read our earlier news about the upcoming release of "Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games" ("Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games").

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