Think outside the “gift” box to make fun gifts for employees

Think outside the “gift” box to make fun gifts for employees

Leave gift boxes behind - experiences are more fun-filled and practical, creating cherished memories for you and your team

Everyone loves gifts wrapped in adorned boxes! But more than that, what they love is having a chance to experience something they’ve never done before. You can use this opportunity to tick something off your employee’s bucket list by offering them gift experiences they’ve only dreamed of. Not sure what kind of experience counts as a bucket-list-experience? No problem! Today, we bring you some exciting gift ideas that will not only make your staff members happy but bring a new learning experiences into their lives. These are all ideal ways to bring people together at a workplace to encourage strong bonds and high team spirits. A gift and more awaits!

Have a spa break:

Take your employees for a relaxing break at a spa. This opportunity will give them the opportunity to unwind and relax away any of the stress of the workplace and outside life. You can pitch in by providing scented candles or massagers. The long hours of being hunched over at work can take a toll on all of our bodies and make us super stiff and fatigued. That is why it is important to sit back and have a day of total calmness without having to worry about any sharp deadlines. A spa day is a perfect gift from a boss to his or her employees as it acts as a platform to open up with your colleagues while enjoying your own leisure and enabling team bonding.

Teach them a new skill:

You can also help your employees learn a skill that they’ve always wanted to. From archery lessons to violin classes, everyone has a passion in their lives that they want to invest in. You can offer them that opportunity by gifting them a pass for classes – from art to tennis and everything in between. Learning will not only benefit their minds, but also allow for an extension in current activities which can assist greatly when it comes to getting away from the office. Skill building provides the opportunity to polish performance, enhance personality and boosts potential in the workplace. As an employer, you can gift them this experience along with a company product that reminds them where they learnt that valuable skill!

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Gift them good health:

You may gift them the first aid kit for emergencies, water bottles to keep them hydrated and gym bags to assist on their afternoon escapades from the office. These items speak for themselves in a unique way by pushing the receiver to see their workplace in a positive light and encourage them to think optimistically about work even at home! This acts as an emotional boost and gives your employees support for hobbies, after-work activities and more. A token of appreciation and friendship, such health product can be a reflection of your care and love for your office family.

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