The trending promotional gifts for animal lovers

The trending promotional gifts for animal lovers

Let us help you find the most hip promo products for your pet lover clients

Who doesn’t want to go home to a pet with wagging tail? The love and sentiments that they arouse are the reason for your brightest smile of the day. Their unconditional love calls for a special place in your heart for them and you tend to make them a bigger part of your life by trying to incorporate items of everyday use that remind you of your pets.  So, that is where we come in. Bringing you the most popular products for marketing your brand, we help you take your clients on an emotional yet convincing ride. Have a look:

Animal printed sling bags:

What better way to express your feelings than having a sling bag with your pet’s face on it? A customized bag adorned with your favourite picture is the ideal way to remind yourself of the happiest memories. They not only enable you to take your happy memories with you anywhere you go, but also become a source of constant happiness that you flaunt on the go. Having this mindset, you can actually boost your sales by offering your clients the perfect opportunity to style their attire with their pet on mind. Imagine your clients carrying your customized bag with your brand name sitting on top. Carry your stuff around in a comfortable bag to advertise for your company in a trendy way.

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Write your to-do list with a fun twist. Featuring your pet’s picture or a funky animal doodle on the cover, these customized notebooks are the ideal way to showcase the lighter side of your brand. With quality pages and a colourful way to adorn your office desk, handout these promo notebooks at corporate events and meetings to make a statement of care and convenience for your brand. This gesture will not only put your brand in everyone’s hands but also speak for it in a confident way by being there for someone in need of jotting down a reminder. So keep your marketing strategies strong by triggering your client’s love for animals in a cute way.

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Smartphone wallets:

Keep your branding strategies up and trending with our quality smartphone wallets. Not only will they expose your brand for the world to see but also protect the phones while keeping your love for animals alive. Having various categories as an adhesive back and a range of vibrant colours, you can make your brand get noticed even from a distance. Including every animal, you can show your love in a confident way. These handy little handouts are a great way to promote your brand at community events, food festivals, tradeshows and other corporate events.

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