Stand up for workplace wellness with fitness swag

Stand up for workplace wellness with fitness swag

No matter where you are, your fitness should be your first priority. And in order to maintain your wellness at the workplace, have a look at these practical tips.

Thinking about the approaching deadline, preparing for the upcoming events and meetings, trying to manage multiple projects in a limited time can get a major toll on your body both physically as well as mentally. So it is important to sit back and have some time relaxing and refreshing your brain for a fresh boost of energy. It can be only possible if you get moving and beat the office chair inertia. So let’s have a look at how can you turn a regular hunch day at work in an active lifestyle.

Take breaks that boost mental and physical energy

Taking short breaks between hours of sitting can actually do wonders for your body. It does not only regulate the blood flow through the entire body, but also refreshes your brain to have a clear focus. Taking break from the screen time will prove to be a blessing for your eyes as well as mental fitness. Stretch and relax yourself by taking a walk around the office room to achieve the fitness level you’ve been dreaming about. You may even choose to run around the office or just stand and stretch your limbs to help relax the soreness. Celebrate the fitness goals within a team to promote the positive message of an active lifestyle. Hand them gym bags to not only make a strong statement for your company but also showcase the powerful message it believes in.

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Up your fitness game with the high quality activity trackers

No matter what sort of work culture you work in, an activity tracker can always add fun to an otherwise normal day by keeping you on track. While it’s rewarding to see your performance at the end of the day, comparing it to that of the other team members can double up the excitement. It brings in the sense of collaboration and promote the team building culture as well. Track the number of steps taken in a day or the calories burnt. Set up a team goal and see who reaches it in the shortest while. Reward the winner with a high quality towel or a practical item such as earphones.

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Keep your team moving with the perfect giveaways

On the harsh rainy days, it is very difficult to find the right amount of motivation to get moving. You may help the team members to keep up their active routine by handing them a yoga mat for them to stretch during office break hours. Such a simple gesture goes a long way to promote the healthy message of a well maintained lifestyle.

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