Promotional apparel ideas that will work for your team

Promotional apparel ideas that will work for your team

Read below to find some of the most catchy apparel ideas to make a statement of confidence

Your wearing reflects your mindset. It is directly proportional to how you feel about your surroundings. That is why it is important to dress according to the occasion. Where you work is where you spend most of your day and has a huge impact on your mood. And that is why, in order to make your day productive, you need to start by dressing up for it. We bring you some of the most eye pleasing promotional apparel ideas that will put your team in the front row on the road to success.

Statement pieces for special events:

Uniforms tend to be, well, “uniform” all the year round. Once you wear them, you have to keep the same format throughout the year regardless of seasons. That is why, companies are coming up with new ideas to grab attention even from a distance. This includes adding an intricate piece of jewellery or a stylish hat to your apparel to reflect the casualness or professionalism of an event. Moreover, having your name on such clothing makes you and your brand stand out and speak for you in a much confident and explicit way. Keep your apparel updated with a fun twist according to the occasion which will be a pleasant change not only for the employees themselves but for the others to see.

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Looks define the position:

Sometimes, an office with various departments differentiate the position of their employees by a mere colour code or a minor difference. This not only helps everyone spot them in a high traffic area but also, keeps things organized in your workspace. A subtle addition of a coloured lanyard to your attire labels you as the member of a specific department. Such changes are vital in order to avoid any sort of haphazardness. In case of public events such as tradeshows, your colourful promotional lanyards can help general people to approach the right person for any query. In addition to that, a coloured shirt is the best way to specify each department and can be identified even from a distance.

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Balance formal with casual:

Many companies are now embracing the culture of instigating a casual touch to their formal attire. For example, shirt cuffs that can be rolled up and buttoned to give a chic look to your employees. Denim on denim was considered as the fashion outburst but now, in recent years, it has become of the favourites for the fashionistas. And also, makes an awesome formal outfit for your employees to rock any work day. Such changes to your daily wear keep your spirits up and boost your energy each day.

Check out the above tips to improve your daily formal attire according to the changing trends.

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