Promoting fun in the sun

Promoting fun in the sun

With the summers just around the corner, boost up your sales with these summer promo products.

Just as the sun comes out, everyone rushes outdoors and aim to spend quality time with their friends and family. This means more exposure to the sun and breeze. That is why, it is time for you to prepare such items for your clients that will make their vacations more fun and convenient. It also brings you the chance to make your brand stand out and be in the spotlight for a long time. Target summer products and giveaway branding items to your clients to make a strong statement for your company while reaching your sales target in a short while. Have a look at these branding items that will help you make the most of your marketing this summer.


An ideal product to print your logo on, an effective shield against the sun, and a classy addition to your summer attire, promotional umbrellas are the ideal choice for advertising your brand effectively. Giving out promotional umbrellas says a lot about your style statement and lets you paint your logo in vibrant colours to make it prominent even from a distance. Keep your brand high up with promo umbrellas. It also makes a perfect tradeshow product that can boost the style of your booth. Imagine your name being on top of the umbrellas in bright colours and the exposure it will earn for your company.

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Give your brand the perfect shade to shine on. Make a style statement for your company by handing out promo sunglasses to your clients. Imagine the exposure your brand will receive by wearing the sunglasses you give them. So just hand out these trendy promo products on any tradeshow and let them speak for your brand in a confident manner. Add a style game to your daily attire and let your brand be shown to the world. Everyone loves to wear sunglasses as it not only gives you protection but also proves to be an amazing conversation starter.

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Picnic baskets

Sun brings the happy news of having fun time at the beach with family and friends. Make your summer time extra special by having these ideal picnic sets. Enjoy a day with the people you love and spend time munching around and basking in the sun. Make picnic basket your promotional product and put the brightest smiles on your clients’ faces. Handing them a picnic set right before the summer comes can be the perfect way to make your brand a permanent place of your client’s happy moments.

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