Promo Product Trends for 2019

Promo Product Trends for 2019

Marketing trends are always changing year by year. Keep up to date with promotional materials that hit those trends! Take a look below to see our list of 2019’s biggest products trends.

1. Personalisation
Beyond the products themselves, companies are beginning to realise that, when it comes to customising a promotional item with their brand, a subtle approach is often more effective than an over-the-top one. A simpler edit such as a small logo, name or industry is starting to catch the eye more than loud and over the top branded products. In 2019, subtle touches will become more popular than ever. Companies will want to give out items that have an impressive retail feel, that they know their recipients will use.

2. Adding value with gift sets
As traditional marketing comes into a lull, companies are looking towards all different areas to find cut through ideas. One of these is not only including one piece of promotional material, but instead creating an innovate and practical gift set or complete PR package. The great thing about assembling your own promotional kit is that you can have full control over everything from the packaging design to the items inside.
3. Going green
Combine eco friendliness with personal convenience and you have one of the biggest trends of 2018, moving into 2019. More and more companies are taking their carbon footprint into consideration and looking towards programs, marketing materials and PR packages that do not create as much waste. 
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