Every year arrives with new trends in all field of business. Promotional products are a sure way to help your brand memorized and ingrained in the minds of the consumer.

Some trends from the previous years prevail. Like the technology products, drinkware and eco-friendly items. New creative materials are being worked with to stand out in the swarm of production.

Let’s discuss the most popular promotional product tends that will take over the market in 2019.

  1. Retail Inspired Products

For the sake of promotion, companies are focusing on a more retail-like approach when it comes to product design. Instead of going overboard with their own company names, promotional products are designed with a subtler reference to the brand they are promoting. The main focus is to make a well-designed product that the consumer can flaunt instead of the old concept of flashing large logo imprints across the product’s face.

  1. Technological Products

Technological products have retained their popularity this year as well. With the growing tech market, it is quite effective to showcase your brand with the gadgets that everyone needs. Cellphone accessories, speakers, adapters, chargers, power-banks and what not. You could flash your name across anything related to the digital world to get your brand noticed.

  1. Creative Materials

It is easy to outshine other products if the materials you use stand apart. Bright flashy colors, matte surfaces, interwoven fabrics, burlap for the rustic look and sleek product finishing tend to make your product capture the spotlight. Promoting your brand with such outstanding and durable products will help in adding value to your brand and portray your creative approach as well.

  1. Gift sets and welcome kits

Sending a bundle of products as one large hamper is a fine way to build a strong client base. This idea is quite versatile and effective and can be incorporated in healthcare, welcoming new recruits, or closing a realtor deal etc.

This trend is gaining popularity due to the positive impact they leave on the recipients. Packing several closely related items together instead of one individual product can definitely up your promotional game.

  1. Desk accessories

Just like the previous years, desk accessories are shining in the promotional product trends. Using branded supplies holds well in the corporate culture. Advertising your brand in the form of items that crown an office desk can prove to be quite a game-changer. This way your employees can easily help as your company’s brand ambassadors. Desk supplies cover both, the print related stationery as well as the tech accessories so you have a variety of options to set up a desk bundle for your company.

So, make the most of what 2019 has in store for you and follow the trends that will surely help you climb the marketing ladder. In this era of technology, it’s wiser to work smarter than work harder and seek ways that work best for your brand and its promotion. Pick any option that suits you best and you’re surely on your way to be remembered and referred to in the consumer world.

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