Fundraising gift ideas to help support non-profit organizations

Fundraising gift ideas to help support non-profit organizations

Aim to make this world a better place while keeping your business goals intact. Find the most interesting fundraising gifts that will benefit your company.

Every company aims to contribute to a better world. That includes taking steps that not only play the part towards a greener planet but also benefit its residents in the permanent of ways. That is how the world is supposed to work as well. So, if you have a small scale business or a multinational one, make sure to participate in activities that are for the good of all mankind. And in order to help you with such initiatives, we bring you some of the most exciting fundraising gift ideas to put your brand in the front row for the world to see. Have a look:

Collect some change to make a change:

Keep your employees in the loop by giving them the chance to collect some donations the fun way. For that, place a collection jar in each department and let the employees fill it up with some coins or change. The department that fills its jar first gets the reward. Hand them a desk accessory to make up their day and to boost their humanity. This will convey a positive message among the employees and refresh the company culture in the light of sincerity and empathy. Such activities at the workspace shows a lot about what your personality and in turn, are discussed among the families of all your employees, thereby cultivating the giving spirit on a much larger scale.

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Promote your fundraiser with a funky coloured wristband:

Wristbands are the quickest way to raise or promote funds. Not only do they represent the cause but also your brand. Giving them to various organizations speaks for your company on a larger scale and gives you a chance to introduce yourself in the goof books of people. In order to have an effective fundraising event, let your employees, staff or team members buy these bands in various colours and you can donate the money to the non-profit organizations. Even wearing these bands at stalls or fundraising events can encourage others to donate and have a funky band in return regardless of age or gender. And supporters who wear your brand will automatically be advertising for your company on the go.

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Donate skills and talents:

One of the simplest yet effective fundraising ways is to offer your employees; skillsets. Not only will it be a fun and relaxing day to be away from your workspace but also help an organization towards the betterment. Make sure to analyse the skills of your employees and let them contribute towards a company in need. Let your employees wear a soft branded shirt for their comfort and to advertise your brand in the most confident way. Therefore, this gesture will refresh your employees’ spirits to do better in the world.

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