Extremely simple water challenges for your team’s wellness programs

Extremely simple water challenges for your team’s wellness programs

Workplace wellness is an essential part of company cultures and water challenges can be made a fun part of them.

With the increasingly creative water challenges, you can modify your wellness programs by a huge degree. Add a fun twist to them to encourage more and more people participate while having a good laugh with your team members. You can prepare healthy lifestyle by advancing the wellness programs
with the upcoming trends. That is why, we bring you a list of the simplest water challenges that will help everyone boost their water intake and live a hydrated life. Have a look:

The basic hydration challenge

We all know it takes 21 days to build a new habit. You can hold a water challenge for 21 days where the participants are required to reach a daily water intake level. This will help them build this positive habit of staying hydrated at all times and will have a huge effect on their performance as well as mood. You can amp up this challenge by giving away branded water bottles. Such a gesture will enable your team members to walk in style and be reminded whenever they get a glimpse of this bottle. It will also go well
with their attire and add a statement to your company culture. Also, provide your team mates with plenty of places to fill their bottles up. Go for promotional water coolers and cups that will help them keep up with the challenge in high spirits. Finish up the challenge with the perfect practical giveaways to help your employees remember their time and challenge for a long time. For more inspiration, have a look at our high quality water bottles here.

Host an independent extreme water challenge

Host a challenge where your employees have to burn off their calories taken in the water form. This practice will help them reduce their sugary intake and give them a good alternative to fight beverages and other soft drinks. You can give your employees the chance to walk around the office space and have an active routine. It will encourage them to choose the better options for a healthy and active lifestyle. Hand them their personal water bottles to remind them to get up from their chairs and move about.

Take the challenge online

Your company’s website and social media sites are the ideal platform to promote such challenges of water consumptions. Design the pages in such a way that they pump up the thirst and place a quote on top of them that explains the benefits of drinking more water each day. It will give you the chance to promote this healthy habit in an effective manner and encourage the reader to get up and grab a glass right away. Prepare a surprise at the end of each challenge to make your employees feel appreciated for
taking part.

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