Enjoy a branded celebration

Enjoy a branded celebration

Having a corporate party coming up? Or just a casual gathering with your clients and friends? We bring you the awesome promo items that will be sure to impress your guests.

Try promotional drinkware items to celebrate while advertising. Give your brand a creative touch and promote it during the happiest of times. This way when your guests see your brand they will automatically associate it with the fun they had at the event where they received it!

Let’s look at some great branding products when celebrating:

Bottle openers:

Every celebration needs one! It’s how you start the night - from casual gatherings to formal functions, a bottle opener is the star of the show.

Get your brand imprinted on it to become a part of others’ happiness and promote your brand alongside. The high practicality of this simple item gives a unique touch to your marketing campaign and earns you the place you deserve in the market. Handing out promo bottle openers is an enthralling way to show your caring and fun side of the company.


One of the most obvious and first things that come to mind when thinking about promo items is drinkware. We all have multiple drink bottles branded with a company’s logo and can probably name them. Voila, an example of successful promotional items!

From printed mugs to delicate glasses, any drinkware can promote your message in the most capturing way. The wide printing area and the range of colours makes it an ideal choice for conveying your message. Whether you want to use them at corporate gatherings or hand them out at tradeshows and sports events, nothing can beat the awesomeness of a branded mug.

Not to forget that as humans one of our basic needs it to drink water. Luckily for marketing teams we also indulge in coffee, tea, soft drinks, alcohol and many other beverages – providing the daily need for drinkware!

Ice buckets:

Another unique branding product is a promo ice bucket. Bringing the ‘coolness’ to your parties and brand, this simple bucket is the perfect source of marketing. A branded ice bucket bears all the drinks, becomes the centre of attention and puts your brand in the spotlight.

Guests often prioritise grabbing their drinks first and will be exposed to your logo right at the start of any show, bringing you the attention you deserve. So, think smart and use promo ice buckets!

Wine accessories:

A classic addition to any party, the perfect items for any formal gathering and a product of elegance, wine accessories portray the professional yet graceful image of your brand. Giving wine accessories as a method of branding shows your trendiness and gives you the attention your company has worked for.

Not only will it provide convenience with style but also grab anyone’s attention and expose your brand on a much wider scale, attracting customers of all sorts.


When we say drink, we also mean glassware. Being a major necessity of any gathering, a promo glassware is the ideal choice for branding your company. From giant beer mugs to sleek and slender designs, there’s glassware for all budgets and tastes, providing you the range of choices and easing your branding campaign. Be a part of your client’s celebration by handing out promo glassware to completely win them over.

Make your brand earn the limelight it deserves by using promotional drinkware in your next marketing campaign.

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