Be a good boss with these traits and employee gift ideas

Be a good boss with these traits and employee gift ideas

Being a boss demands so much more than swirling in a chair in a big room. A good boss is someone with strong leadership and encouragement skills. We explain how.

Employees in every company seek out motivating and encouragement qualities in their boss. And if they don’t find them, they either discard the job offer or work just for the sake of it. Several characteristics cook up to make a perfect manager. Being kind, honest, encouraging, leading and correcting are just some of them. And if you own that position, then make sure to recognise your team’s efforts with these awesome gift ideas.

Focus on positive reinforcement and team value

When someone goes an extra mile to impress you, be sure to look out for them. After all, when you encourage someone for their effort, only then will they be pushed to do more and work up to their full potential. Feeling valued has the power to instill the strength of inter-colleague bonding and can make a huge impact on the team’s overall performance. When your team reaches the quarterly goals, make sure to get them something they will enjoy using. Hand them promotional notebooks and classic pens to scribble notes on the go. To appreciate a standout member of the team, choose a custom water bottle to promote the positive message of your care and consideration.

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Get to know your team better with team-bonding activities

From families to interests to birthdays, take some time out to know more and more about your employees. This practice will help you bond with them on a deeper level and instill a feeling of work family. With such open communication and friendly reach outs, your team will feel valued and eventually open up if anything bothers them. They will also be frank enough to give positive suggestions for improvements in the company culture. No matter what size your team is, plan practical team building activities. Get a custom water cooler or a picnic set for your team and plan a day out on a bright summer, breezy day. This will bring each member closer and help them unwind while feeling excited.

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Become a mentor

It is only natural to make mistakes. So getting all worked up on employees’ mistakes is the most unprofessional practice, one that puts a red flag on your personality. Give your employees the benefit of the doubt and let them correct themselves in a positive way. A good leader is the one that mentors his team members and acknowledges their effort. To analyse your staff member’s expertise and other factors, spend some time with them alone and let them have an open communication. You can also choose to hand them a cool laptop bag for good conversation starters.

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