5 ways to boost your sales on sunny days

5 ways to boost your sales on sunny days

5 ways to boost your sales on sunny days

Make hay while the sun shines!

With the rise in temperature, your sales should soar too. Cash the summer time to your advantage and make your next marketing campaign a big hit to trigger your business goals most efficiently. How, you ask. We present to you some of the most practical products to target as your next branding strategy, bringing home the turnover your business needs. There are a number of products practical in summer that you can flash your brand name across.


Your shield against the scorch, the style statement of the season and an ideal option for a giveaway, sunglasses are definitely a summer necessity. Use promo sunglasses as giveaways to your clients for clicking your target sales. Being the most prominent feature of any attire, sunglasses can prove to be the most effective eye catcher for your message. Not only do they grab attention, but they can also set themselves as great conversation starters.

Water bottles

Hydrate your clients and keep your brand refreshed. The summer heat calls for a water bottle by your side at all times. And with your logo on top, it could be a refreshing reminder for what you stand for. Earning your brand the right amount of exposure, promo water bottles can prove their practicability in the heated times when they’re needed most. With the freedom of colour choices and materials, you can pick the best combination to suit your brand name and the mood you want to portray.


Easily noticeable in a crowd, available in every colour under the sky and a wide canvas for your message, promotional umbrellas can render your clients as a walking billboard. Up against the searing sun, umbrellas not only help beat the heat but also prove to be the definite head turner in public. The wide printing area provides you with the luxury to print any message no matter the size or colour. Popular with people of all ages and gender, umbrellas are the ideal pick for stretching your sale graphs.

Picnic sets

The perfect highlight of the sunny days, the moments of joy and the most awaited of all moments, picnics are the times of fun and laughter. And to turn them to your advantage is the smartest move. Choose promotional picnic sets as your next marketing handovers to portray the fun side of your company and to remind your clients of your care in their most cherished moments. So, turn the scorching days to the most joyful ones by giving promo picnic sets and become a part of their happiness. 

Hand fans

When you’re out in the sun and the het turns to a blaze, its best to keep the hand fans with you. Hand out promotional hand fans to your clients to blow the scorch away. Not only will they be thankful for your care but also recommend your brand to others. The gesture of fanning in public is no less than flashing your message in front of a huge audience.

So choose any of the above to make your mark as these items are the perfect keepers to make your mark in the most heated days.


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