Promotional products University students will love

Promotional products University students will love

What is one thing University students LOVE? Free stuff!
Here at Promotions Warehouse we know that having a disposable income is not usually a situation that students find themselves in, so grabbing the attention of students with your promotional products is a must!
Grab their attention with things they need and things they use! The key to promotional products is knowing what products are relevant to your market’s every day use and gaining brand exposure from this.
Here are our 5 top tips for engaging university students with promotional marketing:
It does not take a genius to know millenials are constantly using technology. And it just so happens that millenials make up the largest sector of University students. Promoting your brand through security webcam covers is an effective way to grab their attention. Forget following the norm and branding through pens, a security webcam cover is something they will see every time they open their laptop (almost daily) and hasn’t been overdone. This unique idea is not only innovative but also one of our most cost effective promotional products!
Sticking with the technology theme, our second suggestion is USB’s. Not one in particular, but our large range of USBs offer different products depending on your budget and relevance! An ordinary USB is a pretty common promotional product, so why not explore something similar in price but more unique? For example our Btye USB Hub has three handy ports and a modern USB 2.0 interface.
An definite way to grab the attention of millennials is to offer something trendy. Our metal water  bottles range in price,style, colour and in material. From aluminium to stainless metal these reusable bottles are all eco-friendly. This is one product that's exposure won’t be subject to their campus and will be something that follows them to extra curricular activities as well furthering your brand exposure!
Our next suggestion may not sound like the most exciting way to expose your brand, but choosing an item like a phone wallet is an extremely innovative way to promote your brand. A phone wallet sticks to the back of a consumers phone and holds their cards. This product has not saturated the market and could gain you mass exposure. As previously stated, millennials love their tech, so wherever their phone goes so does you brand exposure!
Whatever products you choose to promote your business through, always remember how important it is to choose products relevant to your audience!

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